The Curriculum

The enriched programme builds on and extends beyond the tried and tested assessment of the GCE 'O' Level and promotes higher level critical thinking, conceptual and abstract understanding of content and open-ended learning opportunities.

The SBC generally adopts the broad framework of the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) and the differentiation framework developed by Dr Sandra Kaplan of the University of Southern California. Based on the strengths of an MGS education, SBC offers a differentiated curriculum. Like the GEP, differentiation involves enriching the core curriculum by Compacting and Accelerating. Beyond that, enrichment also involves the teaching of content inquiry using Depth and Complexity, helping students to connect and interact with the key concepts, principles, and skills in a variety of settings, times, and circumstances, as well as allowing pupils to function as practitioners of the discipline.


The following are the principles that govern the differentiation of the curriculum to respond to the needs of learners.
1. Skills:
  • Development of higher-level thinking skills such as creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Development of learning-to-learn, team work and independent study skills
  • Development of methodology or production skills essential to the practitioner of the discipline
2. Content:
  • Extends beyond the core curriculum in depth and complexity
  • Provides opportunities to make connections across disciplines, times and contexts
  • Provides opportunities to think and function like a disciplinarian
  • Promotes self exploration and self understanding using the curriculum as a catalyst
  • Provides areas of study traditionally not in the regular scope of study
3. Product:
  • Provides opportunities for creative expression
  • Values authentic products that real-world practitioners produce
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