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Principal's Message

P-Msg2.jpgIt is my privilege and honour to be a part of the MGS community and to serve alongside colleagues in a very exciting and enriched education landscape which offers tremendous potential for the nurturing of young hearts and minds. Quintessential to leadership is the word "Purpose". Many have asked me what my vision for MGS is and without hesitation it will be Godly women of Excellence with a heart of Love. Our vision of MG girls is: godly, with a thirst for excellence and distinctive in their own fields, and others-centred. Every girl who passes through our portals will confidently take on the next phase of life.

What will schooling be like for our girls in MGS, an institution so rich in heritage and tradition? True to the mission of our founder, Sophia Blackmore, schooling in MGS is a meaningful and variegated experience that brings growth in the character, being and personhood of our girls to enable them to be women of substance and stature in a very complex world susceptible to unpredictable change. The MG experience for our girls must challenge their intellect, augment their passion for learning, nurture their socio-emotional gait, and most importantly anchor them on a value system that helps them make the right decisions and stand tall in the face of buffeting forces.

The MGS curriculum is dynamic and responsive, cognizant of the diverse needs and talents of our girls. Beyond academic achievements, we focus on educating the whole person so that our girls "grow in wisdom and stature in favour with God and Man".

The process and journey of learning is of utmost importance. Teachable moments and challenging experiences that bring new dimensions of learning enrich our girls' understanding and grasp of life's issues. We help every MG girl grow and be the best that she can be so that she is a person of positive impact and influence in the community. She is godly and others-centred, not afraid of difficulties, undaunted. Each teacher and staff in MG is armed with this mission as they teach and interact with the girls and lead their CCAs.

We know that at MGS, it takes a whole community to raise a child. We welcome you, our parents, alumnae and stakeholders to our MGS community to continue to journey and partner with us as we seek to give our girls the most meaningful and enriching schooling experience. We look forward to celebrating MGS, opening new doors and scaling new heights and may His glory shine!

Ms Grace Ng